Terms and Conditions


In order to secure a place on an LSPR course, please complete and submit the online booking form or a hardcopy form. The full fee must be paid into LSPR Ghana’s franchise Licensee’s (King Wellington Consulting) Bank Account after which a copy of the deposit slip must submitted to LSPR Ghana’s course director. No cash payment will be received. An invoice can be raised if required. A confirmation will be sent by LSPR Ghana (King Wellington Consulting). Payment of the course fee is required a minimum of two weeks in advance of the start date of the training programme for the place to be secured and confirmed.

Invoices: Invoices are issued to delegates sponsored by their employer. Payment must be made two weeks in advance of the start of the course for a place to be secured and booked. Invoices must be paid according to the terms and conditions of booking.

Cancellation of a place: Must be made in writing to the Course Director and a refund is payable subject to the request received no later than two weeks prior to the start date of the booked course. Outstanding invoices are required to be paid without delay, in order not to incur additional fees and legal charges.

Postponement and re-joining: In the event that a delegate is unable to attend a booked place and wishes to postpone, a request is required in writing two weeks in advance of the start of a course for the attention of the Course Director. The postponement is valid only for the next available date that the course will run. Postponement to the same course only. A £150 re-joining fee is payable for the Diploma course in order to transfer a booking to the next intake. Cancellation by telephone will not be accepted. Only one transfer is permitted per booking.

In certain circumstances, it would be possible for a delegate to swap their place with a colleague – this has to be confirmed and agreed with the Course Director prior to the start of a course. In such instances, the transfer fees are applicable.

A cancellation of a booking which has already been transferred will not be refunded.

LSPR Ghana cannot offer refunds to delegates who fail to attend sessions for reasons outside the control of LSPR Ghana.


Sponsorship policy:

Sponsored delegates will be issued an invoice for the full amount. Payments of sponsored delegates must be made according to the payment terms in the invoice. Sponsors are bound to pay fees in all cases, including in the event of a delegate(s) leaving employment. The sponsor retains the full responsibility of ensuring all fees are paid in full in accordance with the payment terms on the invoice. Payment is to be received by LSPR Ghana no later than one week from the start date for a place to be confirmed. We understand and will exercise our statutory right to claim interest and compensation charges if payment is not received in accordance with our agreed terms of payment.

Replacement of a certificate or Diploma:

In the event a new copy is required, for example if a delegate is moving and the original had been sent by LSPR Ghana to the address as was provided by the delegate, or in the event that the Diploma had been lost/damaged, a request can be made for a replacement. A re-issue fee of £150 plus shipping cost is charged for replacement of an original Certificate/Diploma.

LSPR Ghana can also issue a transcript (usually for the purposes of verification by academic institutions). There is a fee of £100 for the issue of the transcript. Records dating back beyond seven years may not be available and in some cases, a manual check can be done – a fee of £60 is payable for the search.

Special Offers: offers are available from the date of release of a promotional offer, to the date of expiry of the offer valid on new bookings made on or after the date of release. They are not valid on bookings made prior to the date of release. They cannot run in conjunction with any other offers and are subject to availability. The usual terms and conditions apply.

Change of date or cancellation made by LSPR:

LSPR reserves the right to cancel or postpone the start date of the course and is not in any way liable for any costs or loss, including travel or accommodation or other costs.

Having read and understood the above terms and conditions, I agree to the terms and conditions of enrolment. 

Acceptance of the terms and conditions of enrolment make this a legally binding contract.