John Dalton

Director of LSPR Worldwide and Lead Trainer
John Dalton is a recognised authority on reputation management, in particular its related disciplines of issue and crisis management. With a background as a biochemist and Chartered Biologist, John's rigorous approach has attracted many to his evidence-based, holistic approach to public relations and reputation management. John was previously managing editor of Current Opinion in Gastroenterology and has worked with some of the world's leading scientists.Read More

Dalal Nageh

Training and Communications Director and Senior Trainer
Dalal is the LSPR's Training and Comms Director and under her leadership and management LSPR has grown considerably, in terms of size, recognition, and above all, reputation. Dalal has been instrumental in the development of training programmes globally and in establishing the LSPR brand worldwide. She is also responsible for some of LSPR's global franchise expansion. As a Public Relations advisor and consultant, Dalal is always available to discuss clients' development and training needs and works closely with them to ensure that they are receiving the best level of training. Dalal leads seminar discussions organised by LSPR and encourages debate and discussions on the latest developments in PR and reputation management. Dalal has presented on many of the LSPR topics, such as the importance and value of Corporate Social Responsibility as a business tool, Corporate Identity and branding both in the UK and on a worldwide level.Read More

Adam Basiru

Basiru is a News Editor at one of Ghana’s premium business newspaper - Business and Financial Times (B&FT) – and has vast years of journalism experience. He is a fellow of the Thomson Reuters Foundation, the International Institute for Journalism, Germany, and a finalist in the 2014 edition of the African Story Challenge and the 2017 edition of the impact Africa reporting project.


Mrs. Koomson has vast experience in corporate communications, public relations, corporate branding and customer/stakeholder relations. She is also a change management professional having managed over four strategic transformation projects in a parastatal organization.

King A. Wellington

Communications Specialist
King is a renowned reputation manager and business strategist with vast experience in advising top executives on how to manage their brands and communications prudently. King has worked in both the private and public sectors. He is also an entrepreneur who is passionate about using strategic communications to achieve business goals. He is well endowed in reputation management and has worked with key personalities such as ministers of state and chief executive officers/managing directors.

Maame Dufie Cudjoe

Business Development Expert
A confident leader with a passion for smart business improvement. A consistent commitment to integrating business, partnerships, environmental and social impacts for growth and profitability. Clearly communicates and reframes complex issues. Effective in orchestrating change using innovative strategies. Strong team player and leader; inspires and challenges others to achieve their power of potential.

Stanley Martey

PR & Communications Expert
Stanley Martey is an esteemed communications professional in Ghana with lots of experience in both the public and private sectors.